Jean Servagnat

Discover the Champagne Jean Servagnat, set in the premiers crus area of Coulommes la Montagne. Established in the Champagne region since many generations, the objective of our family is to reveal, through our wines, the distinctive features of our terroir. Our day-to-day artisan work allows us to precisely know all about our plots and to adapt to them precision vine-growing that respects our environment.

« The vineyard of champagne is famous for centuries for its sparkling wines. »

We often forget that before our champagne becomes sparkling, it first took hard work with the vines, harvest grapes by hand, elaborate wines full of character and blend them to magnify them.

Coulommes la Montagne, where most of our vines are located, is set on the petite montagne de Reims, well-known for its Pinots Meuniers. We are north of our appellation. Climate is cold and rainy and each frost can destroy the crops.

Since we created our house, we developed our own vision of viticulture. We firstly worked with soils, making no more use of herbicide nor insecticide, to allow the vineyard to grow in a healthy ecosystem and for our juices to develop more complex flavours and aromas.

In the winery, we seek to avoid manipulating our wines, as much as possible, in order for them to reproduce our terroir characteristics.



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